Aliyah lift to Israel kef of moving international shipping relocation
International lift kef moving to Israel
Sonigo Moving to Israel - relocation, storage, international shipping
shipping container to Israel
SonigoInternational moving to Israel very kef of a lift international shipping
shipping container to Israel
Sonigo Moving to Israel - relocation, storage, international shipping
SonigoInternational moving to Israel very kef of a lift international shipping
International lift kef moving to Israel
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Shipment to Israel

Delivery Day

Note: Standard Delivery is planned on one day notice. If you need a specific delivery day, speak with your Sonigo representative as soon as you know you will need a specific delivery date. Extra charges may apply.

Once your shipment has been cleared through customs and everything has been paid in full, Sonigo Intl. will arrange for delivery to your home in Israel.

On delivery, the movers will arrive at your residence prepared to provide the following services:

  • Unloading goods from container or liftvans
  • Placing all items in appropriate rooms as requested
  • Unwrapping furniture and other large items
  • Removal of furniture debris (wrapping paper)

The movers WILL NOT provide the following services:

  • Unpacking cartons
  • Installing appliances
  • Assembling furniture (movers will assemble dining room or kitchen tables and simple beds)

Note: When movers are delivering goods into your home, please make sure you have a copy of your packing list. You should assign a family member or friend to check items off the inventory list as they are being delivered into your home to ensure you receive your entire shipment. Any missing items must be noted on the inventory before movers depart. Failure to do so will make it very difficult to file an insurance claim for missing items.

Additional Services:

If Sonigo is aware in advance of additional services you will require, we will try to include the associated costs for these services in your Door-to-Door rate. If not, you will be responsible for paying these charges in Israel. These additional services and their approximate costs are as follows (VAT of 17% will be added to all of the charges below):

Delivery above 2nd floor (32 steps from street level if there is no elevator or if items don’t fit in elevator) – NIS 60/cubic meter per floor (based only on the volume of items that need to be carried above 2nd floor – minimum NIS 250)

Long carry from back of truck to residence (greater than 25 meters) – Liftvans – NIS 60/cubic meter per each additional 25 meters beyond first 25 meters; 20ft Container – NIS 1200 per additional 25 meters; 40ft Container – NIS 30/cubic meter with maximum NIS 2000 per additional 25 meters.

Special Handling for extra-large items (e.g., Hoisting with crane or pulley through windows/balcony, taking off doors, disassembling, re-assembling, etc.) – (Outside elevator is NIS450/hour – minimum 3 hours)

Upright piano handling or items over 100 Kilo – NIS 800 flat up to first floor (NIS 300 for each additional floor).

Baby grand piano/Subzero Refrigerator handling – NIS1600 flat to ground level (NIS300 for each additional floor).

Grand piano handling – NIS2320 flat up to ground level (to be quoted for each additional floor). Concert Grand Piano will be quoted as needed.

Additional Delivery Stops – Will be quoted as needed.

Carpenter Service for furniture re-assembly –to be quoted based on your needs.
Please note our normal delivery services include assembly of simple beds + putting legs on dining room/kitchen tables.

Shuttle – 20ft Container – NIS 1800; 40ft Container – NIS 2600

Additional debris removal – NIS 600
Unpacking of cartons (placing goods on first available flat service) – 20ft Container – NIS 1715; 40ft Container – NIS2415; 40ft Hi-Cube Container – NIS 2835.

Unpacking LCL shipments – Pricing on request.

Maid Service (placing unpacked goods in appropriate places) – 20ft Container – NIS 2525 (2 women for 8 hours); 40ft Container – NIS 3475 (3 women for 8 hours); 40ft Hi-Cube Container – NIS 4375 (4 women for 8 hours). Maid service on LCL shipments – Pricing on request. Additional maid service beyond 8 hour is available for extra fee – Pricing on request.

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