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No “rights”

No “rights”

Israeli Citizens and Tourists
Israeli citizens returning after less than two years and tourists do not enjoy the same tax benefits offered to new immigrants and “returning residents” (those returning after more than two years overseas).

1. Israeli citizens, tourists and students returning from abroad within a two year timeframe
Israeli citizens who return to Israel from abroad within two years are not considered “Toshavim Hozrim”, and are therefore subject to paying full duty charges, purchase tax (regarding certain items) and VAT, in accordance with the regulations of the Israel Tax Authority.

The following information must be taken into consideration when leaving Israel and upon returning within two years:
Upon leaving Israel with the intent of returning within less than two years, it is important to declare all items you are taking with you and that you will return to Israel, in order to receive a tax exemption regarding said items. Ask to fill out an export packing list (customs form no. 86) and have it stamped by a customs officer.

  • A few items are only charged with VAT (currently 16%). These include books, musical instruments, bicycles and computers. As such, these items may be worth importing.
  • Port Taxes are charged to all importers to Israel via a sea port.
  • Israeli Citizens can import a car less than two years from the date of manufacture.
  • Many items are still worth importing (and paying the relevant taxes), rather than buying here in Israel. For example, high end furniture, appliances, clothing, kitchenware and other household goods are often less expensive to ship and import. Feel free to send us a list of what you plan to ship for an estimate of import duties.
  • Tourists can import any car without paying taxes. However, the car can only stay in Israel for up to 12 months. There are certain variations on this law, depending on the type of tourist visa you have (student visa, B1 Visa, etc).  Tourists with a Student Visa may keep their imported car in Israel as long as they are enrolled in a recognized institute of higher education.

Sonigo offers a full service package regarding import to Israel and export from Israel, which includes handling all formalities involved in clearing your shipment through customs.

If you would like an estimate of what import duties your shipment entails, please contact us directly. Our customs representatives will be happy to provide you with relevant information, courteous advice and quality service!

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