Anti Trust Commitment

Sonigo International Shipping 

Sonigo International Shipping is committed to support the fight against cartels**, which restrict competition among suppliers to the detriment of clients and to protect all from predatory business practices and ensure fair competition.

Sonigo International Shipping  respects the laws that protect free enterprise. We do not collude, fix prices, or rig bids. These laws also regulate mergers and limit dominant companies from abusing their power.

Sonigo International Shipping :

  • Never make an agreement with any company about any aspect of competition between that company and Sonigo International Shipping . Such agreement does not have to be in writing to be illegal. It can be oral. It can be informal, implied, or just an “understanding.”
  • Never make cover quotes or false bids. Never agree with a competitor to submit a bid, or not to submit a bid.
  • Never agree with anyone to submit a bid for any purpose except to win the business. This includes competitors, agents, suppliers, and clients.
  • Do not discuss sensitive subjects with any competitor. This includes prices, bids, sales territories, allocation of clients, terms of sale, capacity, volume, costs, profits, market share, service offerings and compensation levels.

All Sonigo International Shipping  employees must obtain approval from the CEO before joining a trade association.
Sonigo International Shipping  vow to deal honestly with client’s agents and suppliers, never misrepresenting or manipulating information.

Legal compliance

Sonigo International Shipping  will ensure that they we aware of all applicable laws and regulations covering anticompetitive practices in all the jurisdictions in which we operate, and that we will obey and uphold those laws and regulations.

Ethical behavior

Sonigo International Shipping  will take a zero-tolerance approach to cartel conduct. At all times, we will act professionally, fairly and with the utmost integrity in all business dealings and relationships.

**A cartel is an agreement, concerted practice, or conspiracy among competitors to fix prices, submit collusive tenders, divide, or share markets and, more generally, restrict competition. A cartel is regarded as the most egregious violation of Anti-Trust laws in most jurisdictions, which may lead to the imposition of significant fines as well as, in certain jurisdictions, criminal penalties.

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