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Packing Specialists

Fine art shipping is an art in of itself, requiring professional packing and unique crate design and production, as well as extensive knowledge of the characteristics, materials and protective needs of fine art.

Sonigo has countless years of experience in packing, shipping and storing fine art, working with many museums, galleries, curators and collectors on a regular basis.

The personnel, The team

If you ask any of our staff about the most important ingredient within Sonigo’s professional system, they will unanimously answer: the personnel, the team. This is particularly true of our packing specialists, within all fields of expertise. Sonigo employs a team of trained and knowledgeable fine art packing specialists, who handle valuable and irreplaceable paintings, statues and antiquities on a daily basis, living and breathing art.

Packing strategy plan

Our packing professionals have many years of fine art handling experience. Yet they approach each work of art as it should be approached: as a one-of-a-kind wonder with unique needs and specifications. Our professionals work together with curators, gallery owners and art specialists as a team, planning a packing strategy and keeping in close contact at all times.

Advanced Technologies

Our fine art packing specialists use the following technology to ensure your art enjoys maximum safety while in transit:

Tilt Meter

Attached to packing crate, the tilt meter measures and records any unwanted crate tilting during transit.

Shock Meter

Attached to packing crate, the shock meter records unwanted shocks to crate during transit.

Temperature Control Meter

Inserted within the packing crate, the temperature control meter records and analyses the exact temperature within the crate at all times.

Climate Controlled Trucks

Our fleet of trucks include climate controlled vehicles, in accordance with the exact characteristics of the fine art items being transported.

Custom Crating

Professional Carpentry Shop

Sonigo operates a professional carpentry shop which builds wooden crates that are custom fitted for shipping and storing specialized items such as musical instruments, furniture, paintings, sculptures, archeological artifacts, antiquities and more. Adhering to the strictest of industry standards, our professional carpenters use a variety of materials when custom-building crates, tailor-made to fit the item’s weight, measurements and material, while often designing double-wall crates for expensive and irreplaceable items.


We view our carpentry shop as ‘boutique’ for two simple reasons: for starters, there is no crate our professional team of carpenters cannot design and create for a client and his or her specific needs. Second, our crates are of the best quality available, as we spare no expenses to provide you with the most professional, knowledgeable hands and the best materials in the market.


Our carpentry shop specializes in the production of storage packaging custom-fitted for fragile and valuable items. Our custom crating includes, but is not limited to:

– Standard wooden crates (in accordance with American standards) fitted for particularly large items

– Wooden crates with lined interior of varying softness (in accordance with fragility of the item) and shock absorbers

– Disposable wooden crates

– Metal crates

Sonigo’s custom crating. Experience our winning touch.

Installation Services

Sonigo has countless years of experience in packing, shipping and storing fine art, working with many museums, galleries, curators and collectors on a regular basis.

Over the years, we have accumulated a great deal knowledge and proficiency in handling fine art and cooperating with professionals within the fine art field.Soingo offers fine art installation services to museums, galleries, curators, collectors and individuals who import fine art into Israel, or await an import to arrive from overseas.

We specialize in secure transportation of fine art to your doorstep within our climate controlled trucks, followed by unpacking and professional and secure hanging and placing in any location. Our professional staff is up to any challenge, and arrive fully equipped with the necessary equipment, including ladders, grips, tools, etc.

Fine Art Storage Solutions

Packing and storing fine art is an art in and of itself. For pictures, sculptures, installations or musical instruments, Sonigo offers smart storage solutions precisely fitted to the type of item in question. As we tell our clients, “Show us the bride and we’ll sew her dress.”

Gallery owners, museum managers, art agents and private valuables owners: If you are looking for storage solutions, you have come to the right company. What makes Sonigo unique in the field of fine art storage is our ability to custom-tailor our packaging for any type of cargo, in accordance with its weight and dimensions, with maximum professional knowledge, expertise and consideration.
Our skilled staff will plan the packaging process, down to the smallest details, so that you can rest assured your valuables are in reliable and professional hands

Storage Facilities

Sonigo’s storage facilities enjoy 24/7 security, seven days a week, and are filmed by closed-circuit cameras.

Packing Materials

The quality of our packing materials distinguishes us from our competitors and gives added value to anything we move.

Our packing materials are custom-fitted to match a wide range of items, from electrical products and artwork, to irreplaceable items of high value.

On all matters related to valuable objects, there is no room for cutting corners. Your peace of mind and confidence in your belongings reaching their final destination safe and sound are our top priority. This has led us to invest in the best packing materials available in Israel and even abroad. Some of our packing materials are imported exclusively for Sonigo.

We pack your things with the best possible packing materials, fully aware that another company will handle your belongings in the destination country. It is important that our agents receiving your belongings provide a high level of professionalism and treatment during the unpacking stages.

Our packing materials include bubble wrap with craft paper on one side, which provides a protective casing that is thicker and more durable than standard nylon (plastic) wrap, and fortified corrugated cardboard, which is largely shock resistant. We use packaging that custom-matches each item, and take into account the type of item and total packaging weight. Additionally, Sonigo has a professional carpentry shop which builds wooden crates custom fitted for the packing of specialized items, such as musical instruments and fine art.

In choosing Sonigo, you have chosen packaging with added value.

Project Management

Moving and shipping of fine art requires precise planning and effectively coordinated logistics.

Sonigo offers professional project management services to museums, galleries, curators and collectors who wish to ship fine art from country to country or relocate exhibitions both internationally and locally. We provide our clients within the art world with our packing, shipping, transporting and storing expertise, which is based on countless years of experience.

During complex operations, our appointed project manager plans and oversees the entire shipping process, both in Israel and overseas, while also coordinating project details with all suppliers and authorities. Our team designs the project logistics as a step-by-step process together with each and every client, meeting their individual needs from the initial consulting and packing stages, through shipping and storage, to the final transport to destination and installation.

At the end, it all comes down to courteous service, proficiency within the art world and deep care for the items at hand. It is the least your art deserves.

Fine Art Shipping Architecture & Science Exhibition

Fine Art Shipping Earth Sculptures

RISK Exhibition in Science Museum, Israel

Fin Art Shipping The Statue of bulgaria in Israel

Salvador Deli Exhibition

Cargo insurance

Our affiliation with FIDI Faim, ensures that Sonigo enjoys an unwavering seal of quality reserved for the finest of shipping companies. This allows us to guarantee that your cargo is in the safest possible of hands.

Packing Specialists

Sonigo employs a team of trained and knowledgeable commercial packing specialists, who apply the same level of skill and sensitivity when packing standard office files and supplies, delicate hardware, heavy machinery, furniture or wine bottles

Storage Solution

Sonigo’s storage facilities cover 6,000 square meters (almost 65,000 square feet), and are located in central Israel in an area conveniently accessible to clients and near air and sea ports.

Shockproof packaging

We specialize in shockproof packaging, while often designing shock-absorbing double-wall crates and including reinforcements, coils and lining for delicate and irreplaceable items. When required, tilt and shock meters are also attached to ensure valuable commercial cargo enjoys maximum safety while in transit.

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