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Every year, hundreds of employees are relocated to or from Israel for short and long periods of time. Whether helping your employees find the appropriate school for their children or the best butcher in town, Sonigo’s Relocation Service provides the information and assistance they need in order to to get up and go from day one.

As an employer, you know how important it is to keep your employees challenged, stimulated and above all, happy. It is a well-known fact that content employees working within a positive environment are a key ingredient to corporate success.

Regardless of the many benefits of relocation, not to mention the excitement it entails, moving overseas is never an easy or simple process for any employee. This is especially true of employees with families. With relocation, many uncertainties, complicated logistics and hours of planning lay ahead for both employee and employer.

This is where we come in. We offer our efficient and courteous corporate relocation services to companies and corporations all over the world who relocate their employees to or from Israel. With Sonigo, you can rest assure your employees are in the best of hands. We will contact them months before their relocation and help them define their housing, family and community needs. We will begin a thorough process of finding the right house, the appropriate schools and the best kindergartens, all within the perfect community for them. We will be in constant contact with them, making them feel they are in the company of friends who care. We will also be in close contact with you, constantly updating you on the relocation process.

Happy employees are the key to a successful company. Our services all come down to simplifying a complicated process, making both you and your employees happy. This is what we do.

Relocation Services

Individuals & Corporate Relocation Services - passport and bureaucracy


Sonigo specializes in helping organizations obtain visas and work permits for their relocated employees. We are proficient in taking care of all bureaucratic matters and formalizing your employees’ stay in their new country.

Individuals & Corporate Relocation Services - working visa

Tax and Pension Consulting

Every country has its own tax and pension regulations and benefits. Relocated employees’ salaries are calculated in accordance with their new country’s tax laws. Due to the fact that tax and pension systems may differ from that of their country of origin, Sonigo’s representatives will educate your employees on their tax obligations and benefits, as well as helping them make informed decisions regarding the best pension plan for them and their family.

Individuals & Corporate Relocation Services - Find homes, kindergardens and schools

Find a Home

Prior to your employees’ arrival, they will receive pictures and descriptions of housing options via email that will help them understand where they are going to live. The options given are in full accordance with the needs specified to us, including house size and style, specific city and workplace proximity. Our representative will be in close contact with your employees and will help them make an educated decision about their new home.
After picking a home, Sonigo’s private relocation liaison will handle the lease logistics to ensure that everything goes smoothly, as well as making sure all the necessary repairs and adjustments are taken care of.

Furniture Rental

To reduce hotel expenses and allow your employees and their families to immediately move into their new home, we recommend renting furniture until their container arrives. Some families elect to store their furniture in their home country and will use rented furniture throughout their stay. This helps to reduce shipping expenses.
Sonigo’s relocation liaison will walk your employees through their new home and explain how to use the various appliances, alarm systems, etc. In addition, the refrigerator and cupboards will be stocked with the necessary foods and beverages to start everyone off on the right foot.

Find Schools / Kindergardens

Finding the appropriate schools and kindergartens for your employees’ children is a top priority, and we treat it accordingly. Our representatives will introduce your employees to the school and kindergarten options available, advising them on the pros and cons and handling all the paperwork and bureaucracy. Needless to say, all of this will take place before your employees land and after we have visited the respective schools and kindergartens and consulted them on the possibility of their children’s arrival.
On the first day of school, Sonigo’s relocation liaison will accompany your employees and their children, and will have purchased all of the relevant school books and a few extra pencils and erasers as well!

Familiarization Tour

We recommend your employees and their families visit their new home prior to relocation. They will be greeted at the airport by their private relocation liaison, who will assist them through customs and escort them to their new community.
Prior to arrival, your employees will receive pictures and descriptions of school and housing options via email that will help them understand where it is they are going to live.
While visiting several different housing options and school options for the children, Sonigo’s private relocation liaison will explore the community together with your employees so they can find the facilities and services they need in a quick and efficient manner.

Meet and Greet at Airport

Upon arrival, Sonigo’s relocation liaison will meet your employees at the airport, helping them deal with Customs and Passport Control. Sonigo’s relocation liaison will proceed to drive them to their new home, pointing out sites and important information along the way and making sure to drive past their children’s new school and/or kindergartens as well.

Cultural Adjustment Seminar

Moving to a new country isn’t easy; the language, customs, and geography are all new. While this can be exciting, it can also prove to be frustrating at times. We recommend signing your employees and their families for a cultural adjustment seminar. Cultural adjustment seminars are held in most cities on a regular basis and are a proven efficient method to begin adapting to the local culture. Your employees and their families will learn basic language skills, as well as important local customs and information about their new society. After the seminar, everything will be much easier to comprehend and handle.

Utilities Hook Up and Disconnect

Upon arrival in their new home, Sonigo’s private relocation liaison will help your employees hook up appliances and utilities, while also explaining about their new country’s unique voltage system and outlets and supplying them with the necessary electric transformers.
Sonigo’s private relocation liaison is on call whenever your employees require emergency assistance or just a helping hand. Health care, repairs, utilities and internet access are but a few examples of the areas in which we can assist your employees and their families.

Move Management

Every year, thousands of corporations worldwide relocate their employees overseas for short and long periods of time. Effective move management saves both time and money and is crucial to both your and your employees’ sense of contentment. Just how well are you managing your employees’ move to their new country of employment?

Relocating employees overseas is a necessity for thousands of organizations worldwide. However, as many organizations have learned, the moving process can become complex and costly. In order to ensure a safe and professional employee move that saves your organization both time and money, you need a reliable moving company to accompany you for the duration of the process.

Our move management services include the following stages:

1. Volume estimation

After making initial contact with us, we will send a skilled professional to your employee’s home in order to conduct a survey and estimate the volume of the cargo your employee wish to ship. A Sonigo representative will estimate both the volume and weight of your employee’s belongings, while documenting their condition for damage control purposes.

2. Price quote

Based on the estimated volume, we will send you a formal price quote. Additionally, we will offer you the option of acquiring insurance.

3. Starting the process

Should you choose Sonigo as your moving company, our moving coordinators will contact you and your employee to set a packing date, and start the process of filling out forms required for the move. We will appoint professional packers to deal with your employee’s cargo, who will document the packing process and number all belongings on the day of packing. Your employees’ cargo will be safely stored in appropriate storage facilities until the day of shipping.

4. Moving & Supervision

Your employees’ cargo will be moved from its original location to its final destination by sea or air. Our representatives will supervise the move and be at your disposal for all information. You will be able to follow the moving process through, among other means, our website, while our representatives will stay in consistent contact with you until the cargo’s arrival at its final destination.

5. Unloading in the country of destination

Before the move, our representatives will be in contact with Sonigo’s partner agents in the destination country in order to ensure that your employees’ shipment enjoys quality-assured unloading. Our partner agents will be equipped with the relevant forms in order to ensure the quick transfer of cargo from customs to your employee’s new home. Your employee’s cargo will be brought to its final destination by professional movers who will unload with both skill and sensitivity. Sonigo representatives will supervise the entire process and will verify your organization receives quality and professional service, as promised.

Moving from Israel

Moving to a foreign country is exciting. However, such as move is liable to be complex and sometimes stressful. In order to enjoy the experience of renewal, which doesn’t happen every day, you need a quality and reliable moving company to accompany you throughout the process, providing you with reassurance you are in good hands.

Moving with Sonigo allows you to enjoy the following advantages:

Full Packing Services

From volume estimates and price quotes to door-to-door packing, shipping and unpacking, Sonigo is there for you from start to finish, offering courteous, professional and friendly service.

All charges included (no surprises)

In the shipping industry, surprises aren’t considered a good thing. We don’t want you to be surprised; therefore our price quotes include absolutely everything, including costs many other companies omit, such as terminal handling charges (port fees).

Representatives & contacts

We are proud to accompany our clients throughout the shipping process, and make sure to speak with them regularly over the course of the packing and unloading stages.

Full accountability

Your satisfaction is important to us. So is our reputation. We take full responsibility for anything we promise, and honor all terms of our agreements with our clients.

Responsible receiving agents

Sonigo works with a worldwide network of reliable agents, with whom we have nurtured tight-knit relationships and who offer the trademark “Sonigo touch” anywhere in the world.

On time arrival

When we coordinate a time to meet you or pack for you, we always arrive on time. When we notify you regarding your shipment’s estimated time of departure or arrival at its final destination, you can count on the information to be accurate and up-to-date.

Professional packing

Our packers are the some of the most experienced and professional in the field. Whether it is a painting, a piano or a computer, your personal belongings are packed with materials and in boxes custom-fitted to your goods.

No breakage

Our professional packing staff and methods, along with our custom-designed crates, promise minimum to no breakage.

Numbered boxes and inventory list

We make inventory lists of everything we pack, including photos and detailed documentation of your cargo. We label all boxes with specialized, state-of-the-art barcode labels, which can be scanned to match the inventory lists.

Representatives at your side at all times

With Sonigo, you can count on one of our representatives throughout the shipping process. You can reach us during office hours, or leave a message 24/7 on our after-hours line and we will respond right away.

Sonigo representatives will be sure to provide you with regular updates regarding the shipping process, from initial volume estimation to the final unloading at your new home, thereby saving you undue stress. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy the exciting experience that a new move entails.

Household Storage Solutions

Sonigo is known for its professional treatment of cargo and personal belongings of all kinds, and offers house and apartment content-storing solutions of for short and long periods


Sonigo’s storage facilities cover 6,000 square meters (almost 65,000 square feet), and are located in central Israel, conveniently accessible to clients and near air and seaports. Our storerooms are suited for short or long-term storage, with each client’s cargo numbered and tagged upon entering the storeroom and stored in accordance with the strictest of industry standards. Our storerooms are accessible, allowing you to add or remove items. If you coordinate in advance, the staff will prepare the crates for your comfort, and restore them when you are finished.

Sonigo’s storage facilities have many advantages:

• A 24/7 security system, including a fire detection system
• An internal peripheral lighting system
• Closed-circuit television system (CCTV) documenting the entire storeroom, 24/7
• Container storage
• Ongoing pest control and monitoring
• Secured vaults for the storage or artwork and items of high value


Sonigo specializes in short term storage, tailored to the individual needs of each and every client

Short-term storage can be the perfect solution in the following scenarios:

The “between apartments” scenario

Most of us have been there: you have moved out of your apartment, yet your new home is not yet ready. You pack a few small bags and stay with friends or family, yet your personal belongings require a temporary arrangement, as well.

Shipping everything at once

short term storage is an ideal solution for those who are planning a substantial overseas shipment, yet only possess a portion of the cargo, with the rest arriving at a later date. As it makes sense to send everything together in one container, we recommend storing the cargo in your possession while waiting for the rest to arrive. Once you have everything, we can merge the items together, load within one container and ship to the designated destination.


Storing office contents, fine art, industrial machinery, delicate equipment & personal belongings

Sonigo’s storage facilities are ideal for long term storage:

Specializing in logistic processes

We provide tailor-made long term storage, while specializing in logistic processes such as transportation, compilation, classification and marking of equipment, for both commercial and non-commercial clients.

Skilled storage staff

Our skilled storage staff helps you choose optimal storage conditions for your goods, and stores them accordingly. You are invited to check on your belongings, and can remove and add items at any point over the course of the storage period (additional fee applies). Storage insurance is also available. each client’s cargo numbered and tagged upon entering the storeroom, and packed in wooden storage crates or metal storage containers elevated above ground.

Local Removals – Elite

We are proud to present our new VIP White Glove Service, custom-designed for individuals, families and groups, who not only require our standard package of excellent services, but wish to enjoy additional VIP services as well.

In addition to our regular services in Israel, our White Glove Service will allow you to enjoy:

A personal concierge on call just for you, from the very first steps of delivery and until its successful conclusion

A stylish and comfortable limousine pick-up from the airport and hotel

Aid in finding and securing a hotel or temporary living quarters until your household is ready for move-in

A gift basket of basic needs on arrival at your household or temporary living quarters (coffee, tea, amenities)

Compete unpacking and item placement services, including placement of items on shelves and in drawers, as directed

Complete hanging services, including hanging of pictures, draperies, and light fixtures

Professional carpentry and assembly service for both used and new furniture

Up to four days of on-demand service, delivered by our trained, experienced and courteous staff

Contact Sonigo today for more information regarding our tailor-made VIP White Glove Service. You deserve to move with the very best, under the best conditions!

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Packing Materials

The quality of our packing materials distinguishes us from our competitors and gives added value to anything we move.

Our packing materials are custom-fitted to match a wide range of items, from electrical products and artwork, to irreplaceable items of high value.

On all matters related to valuable objects, there is no room for cutting corners. Your peace of mind and confidence in your belongings reaching their final destination safe and sound are our top priority. This has led us to invest in the best packing materials available in Israel and even abroad. Some of our packing materials are imported exclusively for Sonigo.

We pack your things with the best possible packing materials, fully aware that another company will handle your belongings in the destination country. It is important that our agents receiving your belongings provide a high level of professionalism and treatment during the unpacking stages.

Our packing materials include bubble wrap with craft paper on one side, which provides a protective casing that is thicker and more durable than standard nylon (plastic) wrap, and fortified corrugated cardboard, which is largely shock resistant. We use packaging that custom-matches each item, and take into account the type of item and total packaging weight. Additionally, Sonigo has a professional carpentry shop which builds wooden crates custom fitted for the packing of specialized items, such as musical instruments and fine art.

In choosing Sonigo, you have chosen packaging with added value.

Cargo insurance

Our affiliation with FIDI Faim, ensures that Sonigo enjoys an unwavering seal of quality reserved for the finest of shipping companies. This allows us to guarantee that your cargo is in the safest possible of hands.

Packing Specialists

Sonigo employs a team of trained and knowledgeable commercial packing specialists, who apply the same level of skill and sensitivity when packing standard office files and supplies, delicate hardware, heavy machinery, furniture or wine bottles

Storage Solution

Sonigo’s storage facilities cover 6,000 square meters (almost 65,000 square feet), and are located in central Israel in an area conveniently accessible to clients and near air and sea ports.

Shockproof packaging

We specialize in shockproof packaging, while often designing shock-absorbing double-wall crates and including reinforcements, coils and lining for delicate and irreplaceable items. When required, tilt and shock meters are also attached to ensure valuable commercial cargo enjoys maximum safety while in transit.

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