Aliyah lift to Israel kef of moving international shipping relocation
International lift kef moving to Israel
Sonigo Moving to Israel - relocation, storage, international shipping
shipping container to Israel
SonigoInternational moving to Israel very kef of a lift international shipping
shipping container to Israel
Sonigo Moving to Israel - relocation, storage, international shipping
SonigoInternational moving to Israel very kef of a lift international shipping
International lift kef moving to Israel
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FAQs About Aliyah shipping and Moving to Israel

The packers make an official document called the packing list which you will sign and receive a copy of.

Lump Sum is the easiest and best way to insure because it gives you broad coverage over the entire shipment. The coverage is calculated at $50/cubic foot or $1750 per cubic meter and it gives you up to $1500 of coverage for each item on the packing list.  The only items you need to list are the items that need to be insured for over $1500 per item.

Self packed boxes that are sealed will be called PBo (packed the owner) on the packing list.  PBO boxes cannot be inured for damage at all and have limits on how much can be claimed for loss as well.  So if you want to pack some boxes, it is best to pack the boxes but leave the box unsealed.  That way, if we can see what is inside and we can re-pack if necessary.

We offer a $250 deductible and a $1000 deductible.  The deductible is over the entire shipment and not per item which means that if you make a claim you will pay the deductible out of pocket for the entire claim.

No.  Your insurance policy is the only thing that covers you for damage or loss.  And Lump Sum insurance covers you fully so there is no worry about forgettying to list something

As early as possible.  You can provide a previous home insurance policy or a a link to a similar item on the internet that shows its value, or a 3rd party appraisal of the items and of course picture.

Once you have contracted for full packing, there is no discount for packing yourself.  If you do want to put things into boxes, it is best not to seal the boxes so that way everything is listed as professionally packed which will give you the best insurance coverage.

No they don’t.  They only see the packing list and the Customs Declaration that we submit to them in your name.

For many moves, it is important to sort your goods into prioritized categories such as an A group and  B group and to label the groups so it is clearly indicated to the packers. 

NEVER!  The packers cannot assess volume accurately and that is not their job, so PLEASE do not expect them to tell you the size of your shipment and do not rely on what they say.  They are their to pack and they should not advise you about anything else.

It is your responsibility to make sure that before the packers arrive, you make it very clear what items are going and what items are not going.  Make sure to do a walk through with the packers at the end of the day to make sure they have taken everything that you want shipped.

You bill will change if you send more things than you were quoted for in your contract.  This is especially true in partial container shipment where your bill is based on the final value of your shipment.

Some one who is sending an exclusive 20′ or 40′ container has to understand that the container has a certain capacity.  If you fill the container and then have additional items that you want to send, that is called overflow and it requires sending a 2nd smaller shipment at additional cost.  The way to avoid overflow is to prioritize you goods prior to packing day into and A group and  B group, and then the packers will pack and load the A group first so that at the end of the day, if anything didn’t fit into the container, hopefully it will be the least import stuff and then you wont have to make an overflow shipment.

This is not a problem at.  We can certainly pickup or deliver from multiple locations.  However, there is an extra cost for this and the container at origin must be sorted according to the deliveries in Israel in order to avoid sorting costs in Israel.

Normally 3-6 depending on the job.

No. Not necessarily.  Re-assembly in Israel is only for simple furniture like simple beds and tables and it does not include complicated items like bunkbeds, cribs or wardrobes.

Normally you do not need to go anywhere.  You just send us scans of the documents and forms that are needed and that is enough for us to clear a shipment through customs.  If there are unique circumstances, Customs can require you to come into their office but this is usually not required.

Only tip after all the work is completed and after you are satisfied with what they have done.  At that point, it is customary and welcome for you to tip the packers and the delivery team.  Usually people tip about $6-8/hour/person or $50 per person per day.

Yes you can buy new items and have them sent directly to our warehouse.  These items will be added to your shipment if we are also pickup goods from your home or you send send a shipment of only new items.

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