Whether you are making Aliyah, returning to Israel, or simply going to Israel for an extended stay, you know that many important decisions and preparations must be made before you leave. Certainly, among the most important decisions is choosing a reliable company to move your household goods. 


In considering moving companies, a proper evaluation should include the following criteria:

  • Reputation of the Company
  • Membership in International Organizations  – Like FIDI and IAM
  • Experience working with Israel
  • One Stop Shop with in-house customs clearers and moving/packing teams
  • Clear competitive quote
  • Consistency of quality from door to door
  • Dedicated communication with the customer

Since 1987, Sonigo has moved well over 20,000 families to Israel. Our global network of movers, serving virtually every metropolitan area in the world, are expert packers and craters with a long history of successful shipments to Israel as well as other international destinations. 

The scope of our Door-to-Door services encompasses every detail of your move, including packing, pickup from your home, inland and overseas transportation, customs clearance, and delivery to your home in Israel. We are also marine insurance experts offering a variety of policies to best suit your needs. 

All of our service providers including our movers, truckers, shipping lines, and customs/delivery agents are chosen and closely monitored to ensure you receive you the utmost in expertise and professionalism.

At Sonigo International Shipping, we offer top quality service, honest and helpful information, and close personal contact throughout your move. Sonigo International is a recommended mover of Aliyah Centers worldwide, and performs moves for many corporations, government and religious organizations, volunteer groups, families and individuals.

Sonigo’s staff is dedicated to making your move as smooth as possible.  We have designed this guide to answer many frequently asked questions as well as to give a general overview of the entire shipping process.

Sonigo International Shipping looks forward to helping make your move to Israel successful and trouble-free.