Since 1986, Sonigo International Shipping specializes in household goods and commercial packing and shipping services. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from local moving, door-to-door international moving and relocation, custom-manufactured crates for artwork and commercial goods, customs clearance marine insurance and more...​

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Professional Associations

Our affiliation with FIDI Faim, ensures that Sonigo enjoys an unwavering seal of quality reserved for the finest of shipping companies. This allows us to guarantee that your cargo is in the safest possible of hands.

Packing Specialists

Sonigo employs a team of trained and knowledgeable commercial packing specialists, who apply the same level of skill and sensitivity when packing standard office files and supplies, delicate hardware, heavy machinery, furniture or wine bottles

Storage Solutions

Sonigo’s storage facilities cover 6,000 square meters (almost 65,000 square feet), and are located in central Israel in an area conveniently accessible to clients and near air and sea ports.

Shockproof packaging

We specialize in shockproof packaging, while often designing shock-absorbing double-wall crates and including reinforcements, coils and lining for delicate and irreplaceable items. When required, tilt and shock meters are also attached to ensure valuable commercial cargo enjoys maximum safety while in transit.



Sonigo does over 3,000 international moves a year!  Whether you are moving on your own, or through your company, Sonigo has everything you need to give you the Peace of Mind you deserve during your move.  Sonigo has a global network of hand-picked international shipping agents, as well as our own highly-trained staff of in-house move-managers, customs clearers, and packing and delivery teams.  So, whether you are shipping to Israel or shipping from Israel, Sonigo is the clear choice for your international move.



Fine art shipping is an art in of itself, requiring professional packing and unique crate design and production, as well as extensive knowledge of the characteristics, materials and protective needs of fine art. Sonigo has countless years of experience in packing, shipping and storing fine art, working with many museums, galleries, curators and collectors on a regular basis.



When it comes to moving concerts and exhibitions, Sonigo has lots of experience. We have the skills and experience to make your project a resounding success by combining uncompromising quality of service, attention to detail, and professional knowledge to get the job done right.



Our professional carpentry shop designs and manufactures wooden crates custom fitted for shipping and storing commercial items of all kinds, from furniture and computers to heavy machinery.



With our own fully modernized warehouses and storage facilities, Sonigo is a leader specializing in the storage of cargo and personal belongings of all sorts, and offering a wide range of solutions for short and long-term storage.

Sonigo - International Commercial Shipping, Relocation, Storage & Aliyah air sea freight


Sonigo is a globally respected brand in the shipping industry among our competitors, clients and the companies and shipping agents who work with us, both in Israel and abroad. There are many reasons for the respect we have earned.


Above all, Sonigo means integrity. We are proud of the way we work, the way we treat our clients and the relationships we have cultivated with the providers and agents we work with. For us, “Moving with a Sensitive Touch” is more than a slogan. It is our company’s vision and the way we go about our work.


Yosef Gez

אני ממליץ בחום על חברת סוניגו אינטרנשיונאל החברה לוותה אותנו בהעברת שתי מכולות של המשפחה ( עבורנו ועבור הבן שלנו ) ורכב השירות היה יוצא מהכלל הגענו לארץ בראש שקט המעבר הוא פרוייקט מורכב ורווי פרטים קיבלנו את הציוד והרכב עד הבית ממש שירות VIP לא נגרם נזק בהעברה עקב ההכנה הטובה והעטיפות של הציוד בצורה טובה וקפדנית תודתנו לסוניגו דויד, לאדם, לדן לסמנטה ולמירב, אנשים יקרים תודתנו גם לחברת האריזה והמשלח בארה״ב שעבדה כחלק ממכלול העבודה של סוניגו אני ממליץ בחום להשתמש בשירותי החברה למערב לרילוקיישן וחזרה ארצה גז יוסף

Edward Kohn

Outstanding customer service. Nothing was a bother. Extremely efficient.

Today I received my shipment from Italy and I am very pleased to thank you all for your dedicated work in making this happen. From my first contact with Sabrina Rais, through the thorough evaluation by Daniele Tora, the careful packing and pick-up in Ladispoli by Giovanni Rosati and Alessio Manzo through to the changing of the guard to the Israeli team, Galit Benisti and the gentlemen who delivered today (Bar and an unidentified employee) I was never left alone. Always informed and led by the hand through a process I had dreaded. I was unexpectedly surprised by the ‘simplicity’ of it, only made possible by you all, dedicated, capable and professional. You all truly did a stellar job and I appreciate it immensely. Please pass on my thanks to those whom I may have omitted.

סמי קוט

I can only recommend Sonigo they come on time and packed everything I wanted

Julie Shuer

I would not hesitate to use Sonigo. They may not be the cheapest, but their English is perfect and their scheduling is great. Just so you know, nothing is easy in Israel!

daniel cohen

Incredibly smooth experience from start to finish and everything in between. Sam Samantha and the entire crew walk you through every step of the way my good got to me same way extremely fast no hold ups or hidden fees AAAA++++

Adam was brilliant, incredibly responsive and helpful to our long list of questions when emigrating.

Larry Hubner

I've had a great experience with Sonigo, from the moment I contacted Rabbi Perlman to the moment everything was delivered to our apartment in Ra'anana.

naph if

בתחילת חודש 1/23 רציתי לייבא מגרמניה מוצרי חשמל פניתי לעמיל מכס מקומי שהבטיח לי שזה תהליך קל ופשוט בדיעבד הסתבר שרוב עמילי המכס בארץ לא יודעים איך לשלח סחורה לארץ ,לאחר חודשיים של תיסכול הגעתי לדוד סונגו ותוך שבוע המוצרים היו אצלי בבית..עם שירות אדיב ,איכפתי ומקצועי ביותר

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