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International Moving Process

International Moving Process

International Shipping
Moving to a foreign country is exciting. However, it can also be complicated and stressful. In order to enjoy the experience of renewal, which doesn’t happen every day, you need a quality and reliable moving company to accompany you throughout the process, providing you with the knowledge you are in good hands.

The international shipping experience is comprised of several stages:

  1. Volume estimation in the client’s home: After you first make contact with us, a skilled professional will come to your home in order to conduct a survey and estimate the prospective volume of the cargo you wish to ship. A Sonigo representative will estimate both the volume and weight of your personal belongings, while documenting their condition for damage control purposes.
  2. Price quote: Based on the volume estimation, we will give you a formal price quote. Additionally, we will offer you the option of acquiring insurance.
  3. Starting the process: Should you choose Sonigo as your moving company, our moving coordinators will contact you to set up a packing date, and will start the process of filling out the forms required for the move. We will appoint professional packers to deal with your cargo, equipping them with the packing measurements taken at the start of the process. On the day of packing, they will number all of your belongings, while documenting the packing process using the relevant forms. Your cargo will be safely stored in Sonigo’s storerooms until the day of shipping.
  4. Moving: Your cargo will be moved from Israel to its destination by sea or by air. Our representatives will at your disposal over the course of the entire move, and you will be able to track with them the delivery through, among other means, our website. Our representatives will stay in constant contact and will update you regarding pick-up times and the delivery’s arrival at its final destination.
  5. Unloading in the country of destination: Before the move, our representatives will be in contact with Sonigo’s partner agents in the destination country in order to ensure your shipment enjoys quality-assured unloading. Our partner agents will be equipped in time with the relevant forms in order to ensure the quick transfer of your delivery from customs to your new home. Your cargo will be brought to its final destination by professional movers who will unload your belongings with skill and sensitivity. Throughout the process, Sonigo representatives will track the progress and make sure you receive quality and professional service, as promised.

Sonigo representatives will be sure to update you regularily on details of the process, from the initial volume estimation until the final unloading at your new home, thereby saving you undue stress. Our goal is to ensure you fully experience the excitement a new move entails.

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