Price List

The cost of shipping is dependent on various changing factors, such as weight, volume, quantity, nature of goods, value and urgency, among others.

The list below reflects costs for basic services provided by «Sonigo» itself, and are subject to a change without advance notice. The list below does not include tailor-made services to a specific client and 3rd party services (airlines, shipping lines, truckers etc.).

Import taxes, duties and port fees are not included as they change from shipment to shipment based on the above mentioned various changing factors. 

In general, import of commodities into Israel is subject for import duties and taxes, based on Israeli Customs applicable tariff at time of clearance. Please refer to below link for further information:

Import taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of Israeli Customs and information about duties rates can be viewed via below link:

Any inbound shipment is subject to port/terminal charges, which are associated to the port/airport, cargo terminal and the airline/shipping line representation in Israel, which hold the shipment until it is cleared Customs. Those tariffs are the sole responsibility of the said entities, and you can view them using the following links:

Import of commodities into Israel may be regulated by the appropriate ministries and bureaus, and as such require proper certification such as permits, licenses and approvals, among others. Sonigo’s basic handling charges do not include the assistance in obtaining those certifications, as they are the responsibility of the importer itself. Assistance with such application is possible for additional fee, based on the type of certification required. Our staff is happy to assist you and provide you with a full range of charges, based on your specific shipment requirements.

Service Description

(Rates are inclusive of Israeli VAT 17%)

Import/Export Clearance - Sea or Air Shipment

NIS 936.00

Import Clearance – EMS/Postal Package

NIS 1200.00

Bureau of Standards Application

NIS 1,500.00

ATA Carnet application handling

NIS 1,200.00

Governmental Permit/License application

NIS 800.00-1,500.00

Global Gate Fee

NIS 80.00

Delivery Order & Admin Fees on prepaid shipments

NIS 1,550.00

Representation in a Customs inspection

NIS 1,350.00

For inquiries regarding pricing for all International Shipping services

Please contact the office

Payments can be made in uSD$, British Pounds, and EURO, or in Israeli Shekels.
but it is recommended to pay in the Quoted Currency.
Currency conversions will be Calculated at the representative rate +/- 3.4%

Please contact our office for periodic special promo rates

To Your Attention::
The Price List above does NOT include Port Fees and Waiting/Delay Fees, in the case of any
delays while clearing the container through Customs.

 A detailed list of Port Fees and Waiting Fees can be found on the sites of the relevant

ports. For your convenience , here are the links:
Storage Calculator, Port of ASHDOD:

Tariff Chart, Port of ASHDOD:

Storage Calculator, Port of HAIFA:

Tariff Chart, Port of HAIFA:

Tariff Chart – ZIM Inc.:

 For all charges at the ports, add 5% +VAT for handling charges
 It is hereby declared that Port Fees and Delays/Waiting Fees are in no way connected to
Sonigo International Shipping, and Sonigo International has no control over those prices
which are under the sole responsibility of the ports.

Cargo insurance

Our affiliation with FIDI Faim, ensures that Sonigo enjoys an unwavering seal of quality reserved for the finest of shipping companies. This allows us to guarantee that your cargo is in the safest possible of hands.

Packing Specialists

Sonigo employs a team of trained and knowledgeable commercial packing specialists, who apply the same level of skill and sensitivity when packing standard office files and supplies, delicate hardware, heavy machinery, furniture or wine bottles

Storage Solution

Sonigo’s storage facilities cover 6,000 square meters (almost 65,000 square feet), and are located in central Israel in an area conveniently accessible to clients and near air and sea ports.

Shockproof packaging

We specialize in shockproof packaging, while often designing shock-absorbing double-wall crates and including reinforcements, coils and lining for delicate and irreplaceable items. When required, tilt and shock meters are also attached to ensure valuable commercial cargo enjoys maximum safety while in transit.


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