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Commercial & Custom Crating

Commercial & Custom Crating

Storage and value added Services

Storage And Value Added Services

Sonigo’s commercial shipping services will make sure your cargo is packed, shipped and stored in optimal conditions, arriving at its final destination safe and secure. To get a full picture of the care your cargo will receive, we invite you to browse through our value added services menu below.

Cargo Storage: Sonigo’s storage facilities meet ISO 9001 standards and cover 6,000 square meters (almost 65,000 square feet). Located in central Israel conveniently accessible to clients and near air and sea ports, our facilities include container storage solutions, as well as the option for both closed and open roof storage. In addition, we allow our clients the opportunity to utilize our network of overseas partnerships and store their cargo almost anywhere in the world, before and after shipping.

Cargo Documentation and Processing: Our storage facilities are managed by the strictest of guidelines, with each client’s cargo numbered and tagged upon entering the storeroom. We receive each item and enter its data into our computer system, in accordance with our clients’ paperwork. We work with detailed inventory lists per item, pallet and/or container throughout the entire storage process, as per out clients’ requirements.

Cargo Security: Our storing facilities include a 24/7 security system, a fire detection system, closed-circuit cameras (CCTV) that document every inch of the storeroom at all times, ongoing pest control and secured vaults for storage of irreplaceable items.

Container Staffing and Unloading: When shipping to Israel, our professional staff will unload your cargo and transport it to its destination, or store it within our storing facilities for short and/or long periods of time. When shipping from Israel overseas, our team will staff your items in the utmost professional manner and in accordance with cargo type and shipping instructions, taking the cargo’s future unloading into full consideration. Our staff will then proceed to transport your cargo to the air or seaport, while also making sure that overseas agents unload it with upmost care and sensitivity, in accordance with the cargo’s nature and staffing arrangement. Due to our affiliation with FIDI Faim and UTS, we nurture close professional relationships with top-level agents all over the world and maintain close contact with many shipping companies, terminals and air and sea ports, which allow us to effectively monitor your cargo during transit.

Moving and Storage Insurance: We offer insurance coverage for sea or air shipment during transit, as well as during storage, through UTS Insurance (underwritten by Lloyds of London). The following UTS insurance application (download here) holds all the relevant information you will need in order to make an informed decision regarding insuring your cargo.

Cargo Monitoring and Daily Contact with Clients: We pride ourselves on the relationship we cultivate with our clients. While in transit, we monitor you cargo on a daily basis, remaining in close contact with you and updating you on the cargo’s current ETA (estimated time of arrival).

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