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Concerts & Exhibitions

Concerts & Exhibitions

Special logistics – Time sensitive projects

Special Logistics – Time Sensitive Projects

When deadlines matter most, you can count on Sonigo to keep time, plan ahead, operate efficient logistics and deliver your cargo right on schedule.

In the music and entertainment industry, concert and exhibition dates are completely non-negotiable. If we have learned anything through our countless years of service within the entertainment industry, it is that time precision is everything. The equipment must be shipped on time, must be secured from the port on schedule and must arrive on-site exactly as planned.

After receiving the specifications from the event producers, we begin orchestrating a master plan. We appoint a project manager and team leader, who take care of every detail, including shipping and transport from the air/sea port to the event location, unloading, construction and more. After the event is over, we take care of dismantlement, packing and shipping, adhering to project schedule and working from years of experience in late-night, tight timetable conditions.

When choosing us as your international shipper or domestic transporter, you are choosing a company dedicated to time-efficiency. We have mastered the delicate art of delivering large and complex equipment on time concert after concert, and this is how we do it:

•    A professional, experienced team of packers, movers and drivers
•    An effective customs clearance department that handles all  relevant paperwork and documentation ahead of time
•    Excellent reputation and a network of professional relationships within Israel’s air and sea ports
•    Detailed inventory lists
•    Close contact with event producers at all times, for full and exact synchronization from beginning to end.
•    A fleet of trucks, forklifts, cranes, heavy lift equipment and much more, secured ahead of time for the mission at hand
•    Emergency representatives standing by at all times.

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