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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Short Term Storage

Short Term Storage

Sonigo specializes in short term storage, tailored to the individual needs of each and every client. Short-term storage can be the perfect solution in the following scenarios:

•    The “between apartments” scenario: most of us have been there: you have moved out of your apartment, yet your new home is not yet ready. You pack a few small bags and stay with friends or family, yet your personal belongings require a temporary arrangement, as well.

•    Shipping everything at once: short term storage is an ideal solution for those who are planning a substantial overseas shipment, yet only possess a portion of the cargo, with the rest arriving at a later date. As it makes sense to send everything together in one container, we recommend storing the cargo in your possession while waiting for the rest to arrive. Once you have everything, we can merge the items together, load within one container and ship to the designated destination.

Our storage facilities are suited for short-term storage, with each client’s cargo numbered and tagged upon entering the storeroom, and packed in wooden storage crates or metal storage containers elevated above ground. Sonigo’s storage facilities cover 6,000 square meters (almost 65,000 square feet), and are located in central Israel in an area conveniently accessible to clients and near air and sea ports.

Our storage facilities include:

•    A 24/7 security system, including a fire detection system
•    A peripheral lighting system
•    Reinforced concrete walls
•    Closed-circuit cameras documenting the entire storeroom, 24/7
•    Ongoing pest control
•    Secured vaults for the storage of fine art and items of high value

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our short term storage services. We will be happy to recommend the ideal short term storage solution for you.

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