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Container Types and Dimensions

Container Type



Max Weight (Tons)

Max Height (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Dry Freight (Regular) 40’/20′ Commodities in cartons, boxes, bundles, loose cargo, etc 21.5/26.5 /2,392
High Cube 40′ Same as dry freight for higher volume 26.5 2,695.5 2350 12,032
Open-Top 40’/20′ High large piece cargo that cannot be loaded through
container doors. Machinery, sheet glass, building
materials and lumber etc
21.5/26.5 /2,347
Flat Collapsible 40’/20′ For carrying awkward and oversize loads that can’t be loaded in open-top. Machinery, cables, steel coils, heavy vehicles, timber, etc 21.5/39.5 /2,231
Reefer 40’/20′ Transporting perishable product. Vegetables, fruits meat etc 21.5/26.5 /2,225





Currency Exchange Rates


Cargo Organizations

A-Z Freight Alliance
AAACI – Asociacion Argentina de Agentes de Carga Int´l.
AAAL – Australian Airports Association
AACA – Atlanta Air Cargo Association
AATA Animal Transportation Association
ABEPRA – Asociacion Brasileira das Empresas Ops de Regimes Aduaneiros
ABRAEC – Asociacao Brasileira das Empresas de Courier
Abu Dhabi Civil Aviation Department
ACA-Atlas cargo Alliance
ACAAI – Air Cargo Agents Association of India<
ACACIA – Associacion Costarricense de Agencias de Carga Int´l
ACAN – Air Cargo Association in the Netherlands
ACFA – Association of Clearing & Forwarding Agents
ACI – Airports Council International
ACI – Pacific Region
ACN – Air Cargo Netherlands
ACTC – Asociacao Nacional das Empresas Transitarias
ADAC – Asociacion de Agentes de Carga Bolivia
ADV German Airports Association
AECMA – European Assoc of Aerospace Industries
Aena (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation)
Aeronautica Civil– Unidad Administrativa especial
Aeroports de Montreal
Aeroports de Paris
Aerospace Industries Association
AFCQ – Air Freight Council of Queensland
AFIF – Australian Federation of Int´l Forwarders
AFPI – Aircargo Forwarders of the Philippines
AHACI – Assoc Hondurena De Agencias De Carga Int´l
AICAI – Associazione Italiana dei Corrieri
AICBA Association of International Customs & Border Agencies
AICES– Association of International Courier & Express Services
Air Cargo Association
Air Cargo Association of Hawaii
Air Cargo Group
Air EuroSafe
Air Transportation Office
Airforwarders Association
The Airfreight Forwarders Assoc of the Republic of China
Airports Authority of India
Airports Company of South Africa
Airports of Thailand (AOT)
Airservices Australia
ALACAT Federacion de Asociaciones Nacionales de Agentes de Carga
Alianza Summa
ALOG Asociacion Logistica Chilena
AMACARGA – Asociacion Mexicana de Agentes de Carga AC
AMHSA – Automated Materials Handling Systems Assoc
ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal
ANACM – Asociacion Nicaraguense de Agencias de Carga Multimodal
PT Angkasapura II
– Asociacion Nacional de Importadores y Exportadores
APACIT – Asociacion Peruana De Agentes De Carga Internacional
APAT – Associacao dos Transitarios de Portugal
APLN – Advanced Professional Logistics Network
ASA – Air & Sea Association
ASEACI – Asociacion Ecuatoriana de Agencias de Carga Int´l
ASOCAV – Asociacion de Agentes de Carga y Aduana de Venezuela
Asociacion de Despachantes de Aduana del Uruguay
AEM -Asociacion Espanola de Empresas de Mensajeria
Association of Transport Forwarding Organisations of Ukraine
Association of Forwarding & Logistics (SSL)
Association of Hungarian Forwarding and Logistic Service Providers
AIFFU – Assoc of Int´l Freight Forwarders of Ukraine
ATA – Air Transport Association of America
Atlas International Network
Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council
Australian Institute of Export
Australian Logistics Council
Autoritatea Aeronautica Civila Romana
Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association
Aviation Suppliers Association
AWLN – Associated World Logistics Network
BAIF – Belarussian Association of International Forwarders
Baltic Air Charter Association
BCA – Belgian Courier Association
BCBFFA – Boston Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association
BDLI -German Aerospace Industries Association
Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation
BIEK Bundesverband Internationaler Express und Kuriedienste
BIFA – British International Freight Association
Bosnia & Herzegovina Dept of Civil Aviation
British Airport Services and Equipment Association
British Airports Group
British Association of Aviation Consultants
BRUFA – Brunei Freight Forwarders Association
BSIA – British Security Industry Association
CAA – Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda
CAAS Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
CAASA The Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa
CAI – Couriers Association of India
CAMFFA – Cambodia Freight Forwarder Association
Canadian Airports Council
Catalonia Airports
CBFANC – Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of N California
CBFCA – Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council of Australia
CCBA – China Customs Brokers Association
CCFAA – Cyprus Clearing & Forwarding Agents Association
CCMA – Canadian Courier and Messenger Assocation
CDO – Camara dos Despchantes Officials
CEB – Confederatie der Expediteurs van Belgie
CFN Combined Freight Network
CGLN – China Global Logistics Network
China Cargo Alliance
China Worldwide Cargo Network
CIFA – China International Freight Forwarders Association
CIFFA – Canadian Int´l Freight Forwarders Association
CIS Airport Association
Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania
CAAC – Civil Aviation Administration of China
Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Slovenia
Civil Aviation Authority of Czech Republic
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
Civil Aviation Authority of Macau
Civil Aviation Authority of Macedonia
Civil Aviation Institute IAC
CASA – Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CLASA – Centros Logisticos Aeroportuarios – or
CLC – China Logistics Club
CNSC – Cargo Network Services Corp
Commonwealth Ports Authority
Courier Exchange
CPN – Cargo Partners Network
CSCB – Canadian Society of Customs Brokers
CTN Certified Transportation Network
DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority)
Danish Civil Aviation Administration
Department of Civil Aviation
Despatch Association
DSLV – Deutscher Speditions und Logistikverband HeV”>
Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil
Direction Generale de l´Aviation Civile
Director of Civil Aviation
Directorate General of Civil Aviation
DSF – The Danish Freight Forwarders Association
Eagle Group
EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency
ECAC – European Civil Aviation Conference
EEA – Estonian Freight Forwarders Association
EEA European Express Association
EGSAC – European GSA Cargo
EICI – Express Industry Council of India
EIFFA – Egyptian Int´l Freight Forwarding Association
EMI – Equipment Manufacturers Institute
ERA – European Regions Airline Association
European Aviation Suppliers Organisation
European Freight Forwarders Association
Events Logistics Group
FAGSA – Federation of Airline General Sales Agents
FAPAA – Federation of Asia-Pacific Aircargo Associations
FENEX – Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics
FETEIA – Fed Espanola de Transitarios Expedidores Int´l y Asimilados
FFSI – Feta Freight Systems International
FFTA – Florida Foreign Trade Association
FIATA – Int´l Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
FIDI -Int´l Federation of Int´l Furniture Movers
Finnish Freight Forwarders Association
FITAC – Federacion Colombiana Transitarios, Intermediarios Aduaneros
Flight Safety Foundation
Florida Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association
FLTA – Fork Lift Truck Association
FORCE – Freight Organisation of Related Cargo Experts
Freight Alliance Network
The Freight Club
Freight Forwarders Association of Russian Federation
Freight Forwarders Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Freight Fowarders Association of Jamaica
Freight International Group
Freight Network Corporation
GAMTA General Aviation Manufacturers & Trade Association
GATCO Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers
GEA -Global Express Association
German Airport Technology and Equipment
GFN – Global Freight Network
GIFF – Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders
GLA – Global Logistics Associates
The Global Freight Group
Global Freight Organisation
Global Perishable Logistics Group
Global Transport Organization
The Globalink Network
Golden World Logistics Network LLC
Greater Toronto Airports Authority
GTO Global Transport
GZS – Association of Transport and Communications
HACA Hungarian Association of Customs Affairs
HAFFA – Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding & Logistics
HHGFA – Household Goods Forwarders Association of America
Hi-Tech Forwarder Network
Hong Kong Shippers Association
Houston Airport System
IACAC – International Air Cargo Association of Chicago
IATA – International Air Transport Association
ICAO Asia and Pacific Office
ICAO Eastern & Southern African Office
ICAO European & North Atlantic Office
ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAO Middle East Office
ICAO North American, Central American & Caribbean Office
ICAO South American Office
ICAO Western & Central African Office
ICAA Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration
IFA International Freight Association
IFCBA – International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations
IFFAOC– Int´l Freight Forwarders Association of Croatia
IFFCCA – Israeli Fed of Freight Forwarders & Customs Clearing Agents
IFLN – International Freight & Logistics Network
Indian Freight Club
INFA – Indonesian Forwarders Association
International Air Shipping Association
International Forwarders Assocation of Greece
International Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers of New Orleans
The International Society of Logistics
Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Israel Airports Authority
Israeli Air Couriers Association
ITCA – Int´l Transport Company Association of Iran
ITMA – Int´l Transportation Management Association
JAFA – Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association
Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority
JIFFA – Japan Int´l Freight Forwarders Association
KCBA Korean Customs Brokers Association
Kenya Airports Authority
KFFA – Assoc of National Freight Forwarders of Kazakhstan
Korea Airports Corporation
Korea Int´l Freight Forwarders Association
LAFF – Latvian National Association of Freight Fowarders
LINK – Logistics International Network
Lithuania National Freight Fowarders Association
Los Angeles Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association
Luftfartstilsynet Civil Aviation Authority of Norway
Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
MCAA – Messenger Courier Association of the Americas
MEAS – Middle East Airports Services
MICA – Macau International Courier Association
MTSE – Maritime and Transit Services Enterprise
NAFL – National Association of Freight and Logistics
NAGAFF – National Association of Govt Approved Freight Forwarders
National Courier Association
NCBFAA – National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of Americ
Netherlands Airport Technology Group
Nordiskt Speditorforbund
Norwegian Logistics and Freight Association
NSBS – Bulgarian National Forwarders Association
NTCBFFA – North Texas Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder Association
OACA – Orlando Air Cargo Association
ONDA – Office National Des Aeroports – or
Organismo Regulador del Sistema Nacional de Aeropuertos or
Pakistan Int´l Freight Forwarders Council
Polish Int´l Freight Fowarders Association
Presidency of Civil Aviation
RGCVBA – Rio Grande Valley Customs Brokers Association
SAAFF – South African Ass of Freight Forwarders
SAEPA South African Express Parcel Association
Air & Sea Ports Authority
SBAC – The Society of British Aerospace Companies
Security Cargo Network
Service de l´Aviation Civile
SFNetwork Group
SIFA – Sveriges Transportindustriforbund
Singapore Logistics Association
SkyTeam Cargo
SLFFA – Sri Lanka Freight Forwarders Association
SPEDLOGSWISS – Verband Schweizer. Speditions- und Logistikunternehmen
SLAAEC – Sri Lanka Association of Express Companies
SCAA – State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia
FFFA – Suomen Huolintaliikkeiden Liitto RY
TAFA – Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association
Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority
THLG – The Heavy Lift Group
TIA Transport Intermediaries Association
TIACA – The International Air Cargo Association
Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association
TLF – Transport et Logistique de France
TPF Forwarding Network
Transit time calculator
Transport En Logistiek Nederland
OACA – Tunisian Civil Aviation & Airports Authority
UCCEGA – Les Aeroports Francais
UIFA – Uzbek International Forwarders Association
UND – International Transporters Association
United Kingdom Warehousing Association
United Shipping
Universal Freight Organisation
Unkoder Int´l Forwarders Association
USAIRE – US Assoc of Aerospace Representtives in Europe
USER – L´Union des Societes d´Expeditions de la Roumanie
UTIKAD – Int´l Freight Forwarders Association of Turkey
Vanuatu Civil Aiviation Authority
VEA Vereniging voor Expeditie Logistiek en Goederenbelangen van Antwer
The WACO System
Weinberg Alliance Network
WFG – World Freight Group
WFN – World Freight Network
WIN – Worldwide Independent Network Associaton
World Cargo Alliance
WorldNet Associates
WWPC Network
WWPC – Worldwide Project Consortium
XLA – Express Delivery & Logistics Association
Zentralverband Spedition & Logistik
ZLZ SR – Association of Logistics and Freight Forwarding of Slovakia

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