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Fine Art Shipping

Fine Art Shipping

Packing Specialists

Fine Art Shipping, Packing Specialists

Fine art shipping is an art in of itself, requiring professional packing and unique crate design and production, as well as extensive knowledge of the characteristics, materials and protective needs of fine art. Sonigo has countless years of experience in packing, shipping and storing fine art, working with many museums, galleries, curators and collectors on a regular basis.

If you ask any of our staff about the most important ingredient within Sonigo’s professional system, they will unanimously answer: the personnel, the team. This is particularly true of our packing specialists, within all fields of expertise. Sonigo employs a team of trained and knowledgeable fine art packing specialists, who handle valuable and irreplaceable paintings, statues and antiquities on a daily basis, living and breathing art.

Our packing professionals have many years of fine art handling experience. Yet they approach each work of art as it should be approached: as a one-of-a-kind wonder with unique needs and specifications. Our professionals work together with curators, gallery owners and art specialists as a team, planning a packing strategy and keeping in close contact at all times.

Our fine art packing specialists use the following technology to ensure your art enjoys maximum safety while in transit:

  • Tilt Meter: attached to packing crate, the tilt meter measures and records any unwanted crate tilting during transit.
  • Shock Meter: attached to packing crate, the shock meter records unwanted shocks to crate during transit.
  • Temperature Control Meter: inserted within the packing crate, the temperature control meter records and analyses the exact temperature within the crate at all times.
  • Climate Controlled Trucks: our fleet of trucks include climate controlled vehicles, in accordance with the exact characteristics of the fine art items being transported.
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