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Household Moving

Packing Materials

The quality of our packing materials distinguishes us from our competitors and gives added value to anything we move.

Sonigo offers packing and shipping services to families and individuals throughout Israel, and is proud of the packaging quality our clients receive. Our packing materials are custom-fitted to match a wide range of items, from electrical appliances and furniture to artwork and irreplaceable items of high value.

On all matters related to household valuables, there is no room for cutting corners. Your peace of mind and confidence in your belongings reaching their final destination safe and sound are our top priority. This has led us to invest in the best packing materials available in Israel and even abroad. Some of our packing materials are imported exclusively for Sonigo, and we strictly adhere to ISO: 9001 standard requirements.

We pack your things with the best possible packing materials, fully aware that many people will handle your belongings en route to your destination country. It is important that our agents receiving your belongings provide a high level of professionalism and treatment during the unpacking stages.

Our packing materials include bubble wrap used as protective casing, as well as fortified corrugated cardboard cartons, which are largely shock resistant and extremely durable during transit. We use marked packaging that custom-matches each item, taking variables such as material and weight into full account. Additionally, Sonigo’s professional carpentry shop designs and manufactures wooden crates custom-fitted for specialized items, such as musical instruments and fine art.

In choosing Sonigo, you have chosen packaging with added value.

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