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When Nature and Art Meet – a Closer Look on the “Art Ye’arot” Exhibit and the Importance of Fine Logistic

The “Art Ye’arot (Forest)” is a big impressive art exhibit, held at the prestige mansion “ye’arot Hacarmel” and included dozens of art pieces from various fields: painting, sculpturing and photos, of 25 talented and groundbreaking Israeli artists.

In addition, the Exhibit included artists’ workshops and other activities that took place in the mansion and brought a touch of magic and creativity to the already luxury place.

So How Does a company like SONIGO fits in in such a project?

To start with, we have collected the artworks from the artists and stored them in the company’s storage. SONIGO specializes in storage and transforming artworks, with unique and streaked storage conditions as for storage space, temperature, security, etc  and transporting in special boxes made to make sure the art pieces will keep safe and whole until arriving to its’ destination.

Close to due date we have transformed the artworks to Ye’arot Hacarmel, there they were placed around the hotel according to the curator’s specific orders.

At the end of the project we have collected the artworks once again, and delivered them back to their original homes – the artist themselves.

The Exhibit got wonderful feedbacks and SONIGO is proud that it had the right to be a part and contribute to a great project that encourages local art.

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