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Sonigo is known for its professional treatment of cargo and personal belongings of all kinds, and offers house and apartment content-storing solutions of for short and long periods. Contact us today to learn more about the storage solution that suits your belongings.

Whether you’re “between apartments” or planning to move overseas, Sonigo’s storerooms are the right address for the safe storage of your personal belongings and the contents of your home. The process begins with our dedicated staff arriving at your home to professionally pack your goods, using methods that keep them as safe as possible. After they are packed, your belongings are transferred to our storerooms to be stored in either a container or wooden vault, depending on their size, in an optimal fashion that enables you to add or remove personal items whenever you’d like (additional fee applies).

Storing the contents of your home in our storage facilities will give you peace of mind, and we will do everything to keep your belongings just as you left them. Sonigo’s storage facilities are secured 24/7, seven days a week, and filmed with closed-circuit cameras.

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