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Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocation

Move Management

Move Management

Every year, thousands of corporations worldwide relocate their employees overseas for short and long periods of time. Effective move management saves both time and money and is crucial to both your and your employees’ sense of contentment. Just how well are you managing your employees’ move to their new country of employment?

Relocating employees overseas is a necessity for thousands of organizations worldwide. However, as many organizations have learned, the moving process can become complex and costly. In order to ensure a safe and professional employee move that saves your organization both time and money, you need a reliable moving company to accompany you for the duration of the process. Our move management services include the following stages:

1. Volume estimation: After making initial contact with us, we will send a skilled professional to your employee’s home in order to conduct a survey and estimate the volume of the cargo your employee wish to ship. A Sonigo representative will estimate both the volume and weight of your employee’s belongings, while documenting their condition for damage control purposes.

2. Price quote: Based on the estimated volume, we will send you a formal price quote. Additionally, we will offer you the option of acquiring insurance.

3. Starting the process: Should you choose Sonigo as your moving company, our moving coordinators will contact you and your employee to set a packing date, and start the process of filling out forms required for the move. We will appoint professional packers to deal with your employee’s cargo, who will document the packing process and number all belongings on the day of packing. Your employees’ cargo will be safely stored in appropriate storage facilities until the day of shipping.

4. Moving & Supervision: Your employees’ cargo will be moved from its original location to its final destination by sea or air. Our representatives will supervise the move and be at your disposal for all information. You will be able to follow the moving process through, among other means, our website, while our representatives will stay in consistent contact with you until the cargo’s arrival at its final destination.

5. Unloading in the country of destination: Before the move, our representatives will be in contact with Sonigo’s partner agents in the destination country in order to ensure that your employees’ shipment enjoys quality-assured unloading. Our partner agents will be equipped with the relevant forms in order to ensure the quick transfer of cargo from customs to your employee’s new home. Your employee’s cargo will be brought to its final destination by professional movers who will unload with both skill and sensitivity. Sonigo representatives will supervise the entire process and will verify your organization receives quality and professional service, as promised.

Sonigo specializes in worldwide move management. Contact us today for more information regarding our time and cost efficient services.

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