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From Italian singing back to Italy and from Performing Arts to Architecture and Science

The Venice Architecture Biennale is an exceptional architectural event which will be taking place for the 15th time this year with many visitors from all over the world.

The Israeli pavilion, designed by Ze’ev Rechter in 1952, will present the “Life Object” (merging architecture and biology) project, designed by a team of Israeli architects and scientists.

Unlike in previous years when Israel curated exhibitions from architectural aspects of a certain sphere of Israeli culture (kibbutz, city, suburbs etc.), this time the exhibit “to evolve” documents together with the exhibition visitors, who trigger the exhibit as they walk along, thereby illustrating the dynamics of the biological material as a renewable resource as well as the complex relationship that exists between man and his natural environment.

The many items designed to be shown at the exhibition were created by many artists and architects throughout Israel.  Sonigo was chosen to handle this sensitive and fragile equipment comprising models made from very thin glass, complex models of towers, long and narrow fiberglass rods etc.

Our experienced teams handled the logistics necessary for this type of equipment at all its different stages.  The items were collected, carefully packed, placed in two containers and shipped to Italy.

Here, too, Sogino’s professionalism and efficiency was evident in the handling of the challenging logistic processes, by using our high quality human and physical resources in order to carry out the whole operation in the best possible way.

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