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Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocation

Immigration to Israel

Immigration to Israel

When raising the question about immigrating to Israel…one must consider many aspects of moving to Israel.

When I immigrated to Israel, I went to the Jewish Agency Emissary (shaliach) and filled out forms that represented my request to immigrate to Israel.  The Jewish Agency is a pseudo governmental agency that represents the State of Israel outside of the countries boundaries.

Once the Jewish Agency approved my application to immigrate to Israel, I gave the Israeli Embassy my passport which they returned to me with a Visa Aliyah.  Aliyah, which means “going up” in Hebrew refers to “immigration to Israel.”

While getting the Visa Aliyah was an exciting and emotional experience, it marked the beginning of a million little details that I had to handle to make my immigration to Israel, a success.

I had to pack up my home, find a mover, organize my move to Israel, find an apartment in Israel, get rid of my apartment in the States, find schools for the kids, etc etc etc.

In short lots of fun!  But bottom line, it really was a special feeling doing all these bureaucratic exercises… because I had waited so long to immigrate to Israel – a dream of mine for years.

Now that I am here… all the stress of Aliyah is long forgotten.  With all the help given by Nefesh b’Nefesh and the Jewish Agency, it is relatively easy to immigrate to Israel.  I am still in touch with Nefesh b’Nefesh and try to help, when I can, other potential olim to Israel.

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