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Commercial & Custom Crating

Commercial & Custom Crating

Design and Manufacture

Design And Manufacture

Our professional carpentry shop designs and manufactures wooden crates custom fitted for shipping and storing commercial items of all kinds, from furniture and computers to heavy machinery.Adhering to the strictest of industry standards (including ISPM-15), our professional carpenters use a variety of wood when custom-building crates and pallets, tailor-made to fit the item’s precise weight, measurements and material. We make sure our crates are manufactured using the best quality available, as we spare no expenses to provide you with the most professional, knowledgeable hands and the best materials in the market.

We design and manufacture single and multi-use crates for either sea or air shipping, modifying our crates to fit our clients’ shipping and handling needs, adding grips, handles, hinges and locks as necessary. Our professional team manufactures crates either in accordance with standard design models, or based on our clients’ blueprints for the unique specifications at hand.

We specialize in shockproof packaging, while often designing shock-absorbing double-wall crates and including reinforcements, coils and lining for delicate and irreplaceable items. When required, tilt and shock meters are also attached to ensure valuable commercial cargo enjoys maximum safety while in transit.

Sonigo’s custom-designed crates. Experience our winning touch.

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