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Commercial & Custom Crating

Packing Specialists

The commercial shipping world is nothing if not eclectic, due to the virtually limitless variety of products and inventory in existence.

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Clients and Projects

Sonigo offers quality shipping and storage services for a wide variety of commercial clients, including high tech corporations and foreign embassies. A partial list of our commercial clients and projects include:

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Design and Manufacture

Our professional carpentry shop designs and manufactures wooden crates custom fitted for shipping and storing commercial items of all kinds, from furniture and computers to heavy machinery.

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Shockproof Packaging

Our packing specialists use the following technology to ensure your commercial cargo enjoys maximum safety while in transit:

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Project Management

When planning your commercial shipping overseas, you need a shipping company that can plan and execute the logistics that come with handling large scale cargo volumes and/or delicate products.

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Storage and value added Services

Sonigo’s commercial shipping services will make sure your cargo is packed, shipped and stored in optimal conditions, arriving.

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Clean Rooms

A clean room is a term used to describe a sealed, sterile environment that is 100% debris and moisture-free. In the shipping industry, clean rooms are created through special vacuum packaging and are most commonly used for packing delicate semiconductors, as well as products from the biotechnology and medical fields.

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