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We do all we can to pleased our customers

SONIGO’s extensive experience in shipping and handling fine art, antiques and delicate artifacts coupled with a history of successful cooperation with the production company entrusted with of Salvador Dali exhibition in Israel made SONIGO the natural choice to manage logistics and setting up of the large and unique Salvador Dali Exhibit .

Due to the cargo’s fragility and high value of Dali’s work, SONIGO’s team accompanied the artwork from various countries around the world, to the ship’s arrival to Port Ashdod.

Despite the fact that time stands still in many of Dali’s works, SONIGO’s crews worked around the clock to insure the exhibit in the historic Tel Aviv port, now a modern entertainment and cultural center, was ready on time.

We do all we can to pleased our customers

The nature of the sculptures and difficult access complicated setting up the exhibit.

Artwork weighed between 200 and 500 kg, and most of the work is done manually. However, placing the statue at the entrance to the pavilion presented its own special challenges.  Weighing some two tons and standing six meters high, this statue was clearly not going to be a hand carry.  Sonigo managed to place a crane enabling the statue’s precise placement.

In addition, Sonigo hung many paintings placed with a laser marker for accuracy.

By Air, Sea, or Land. Every time and everyplace

The Salvador Dali exhibition exemplifies the variety fo value added services SONIGO supply; from the professionalism and dedication of the crew, their passion and attention to detail.

At SONIGO, we are pleased and proud to be chosen  to take part in setting up such a complex exhibition that is allowing so many to enjoy works of the enchanted Spanish artist.

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