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Storage Solutions

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The quality of our boxes and crates, as well as the efficiency of our storage methods, distinguish us from our competitors and give added value to anything we pack, move and store.

Sonigo offers packing, shipping and storing services to commercial and private clients all over Israel, and is proud of the packaging quality our clients receive. Our packing materials are custom-fitted to match a wide range of items, from electric appliances and fine art, to irreplaceable items of high value. We have invested in the best materials available in Israel and even abroad. Some of our packing and storing materials are imported exclusively for Sonigo.

Our Boxes
Our boxes are custom-designed to fit the individual needs of any client, and are made of fortified corrugated cardboard, which has been carefully weighed and is largely shock resistant. When packing your items for shipping or storage, we also use bubble wrap, which provides a protective casing thicker and more durable than standard nylon (plastic) wrap. For added resistance to shock, we utilize a variety of state-of-the-art materials, including packing foam, blow up fillers, corner guards, aluminum foil and more.

Our Crates
Sonigo operates a professional ‘boutique’ carpentry shop which builds wooden crates custom fitted for packing specialized items, such as musical instruments, delicate devices and fine art. Our professional carpenters adhere to the strictest of industry standards and use a variety of wood when custom-building crates, tailor-made to fit the client’s individual needs, while often designing double-wall crates for expensive and irreplaceable items.

Our Containers
Sonigo’s storing facilities cover 6,000 square meters (almost 65,000 square feet) and are designed to store cargo within metal containers. When not using wooden crates, we use industry-standard 20 ft. standard containers, 40 ft. containers and 40 ft. “high cube” containers.

In choosing Sonigo, you have chosen packaging with added value. For a price list regarding boxes and crates, click here.

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