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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Bonded Storage

Bonded Storage

Sonigo offers government-authorized and customs supervised bonded storage solutions that allow our customers to import goods to Israel and store them while delaying payment of VAT and duty taxes.

Bonded storage is required until your goods are cleared through customs. Yet keeping the cargo in bonded storage allows customers to pay taxes and fees after storage and immediately before release, rather than immediately after the goods arrive in Israel.

Over the years, both our commercial and private clients have found Sonigo’s bonded storage extremely advantageous. We offer the full bonded storage package: we will pick up your cargo at the port, store it in our bonded warehouse, handle all paperwork required to clear your cargo from customs, and deliver the goods to their designated destination.

There is some very important information you need to know regarding shipping and storing in Israel:

Upon arriving in Israel, all shipments must clear customs and be removed from the port before the allotted timeframe (see below) or you will have to pay storage fees. When shipping to Israel, you must consider these time periods and charges:

•    Air Shipments: storage fees begin on the day the shipment arrives. Shipments are billed according to weight, volume and time in storage.

•    Full Container Sea Shipments (FCL): storage fees begin 2-4 days after the shipment arrives. After four days, shipments are billed on a daily basis. Each week (from 2-5) shows a steady increase in daily storage charges and additional charges for container rental (demurrage), depending on the shipping used.

•    Consolidated Sea Shipments (LCL): Israeli Port Facilities allow 30 days of free storage on LCL loads. After 30 days, charges will accrue. While bonded warehouses are suitable for short-term storage (30-60 days), they are not designed for long term storage.

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