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Beyond Politics and Blocked Roads – US Vice President Visits Israel

US Vice President Joe Biden was scheduled to arrive in Israel for high-level meetings with Israeli and Palestinian officials, although the trip was overshadowed by a diplomatic scuffle when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled his trip to Washington surprising the White House.

Politics notwithstanding, a Vice Presidential visit requires logistic and here SONIGO played a significant part.  Considerable planning and coordination is required to make a visit like this run smoothly.  Significant resources including many vehicles were required including quite a few at the last minute.

VIP visits require much planning, careful attention to details, and understanding there is no room for mistakes.  The US government’s choice of SONIGO was an honor and required our ongoing commitment to high standards and non-compromising service so diplomats could concentrate on diplomacy… while we worried about trucking, vanning, loading, handling and everything else that was part of the logistics of a Vice Presidential visit.

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