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Fine Art Shipping

Fine Art Shipping

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Art Storage

Fine Art Storage Solutions

Packing and storing fine art is an art in and of itself. For pictures, sculptures, installations or musical instruments, Sonigo offers smart storage solutions precisely fitted to the type of item in question. As we tell our clients, “Show us the bride and we’ll sew her dress.”

Gallery owners, museum managers, art agents and private valuables owners: If you are looking for storage solutions, you have come to the right company. What makes Sonigo unique in the field of fine art storage is our ability to custom-tailor our packaging for any type of cargo, in accordance with its weight and dimensions, with maximum professional knowledge, expertise and consideration.

Our skilled staff will plan the packaging process, down to the smallest details, so that you can rest assured your valuables are in reliable and professional hands. Sonigo’s storage facilities enjoy 24/7 security, seven days a week, and are filmed by closed-circuit cameras.

Our carpentry shop specializes in the production of storage packaging custom-fitted for fragile and valuable items. Our custom crating includes, but is not limited to:

  • Standard wooden crates (in accordance with American standards) fitted for particularly large items
  • Wooden crates with lined interior of varying softness (in accordance with fragility of the item) and shock absorbers
  • Disposable wooden crates
  • Metal crates

For competitive price quotes for your fine art storage solutions, contact us today!

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